More than 30 million Americans have diabetes – that’s about 1 in 10 adults – and 90 to 95% of them have type 2 diabetes. A Touch of Sugar dives into the
diabetes healthcare epidemic that affects every community in the United States, told through the voices of people united in their struggle with this chronic disease. Diabetes management doesn’t occur in isolation. These stories bring to life the emotional challenges, social factors and public perceptions that have a significant impact but go unnoticed far too often.

Created in collaboration with Merck and directed by Ani Simon-Kennedy, the film attests to the resiliency of the human spirit and challenges the national perception of life with type 2 diabetes. Interviews with patients and their loved ones, as well as doctors, advocates and thought leaders in the space, explore the larger diabetes ecosystem at work and help to reinforce type 2 diabetes as an urgent public health issue that cannot be ignored, especially among underserved populations.

As Shenekqual prepares for her wedding, Stewart heads to Capitol Hill, Niurka provides for her family and Susie searches for the support she needs, A Touch of Sugar sheds light on how we must fight the stigma associated with the disease and confront this epidemic – one patient and one community at a time.

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A Touch of Sugar Film Featuring Susie Katona

Susie Katona

A Touch of Sugar Film Featuring Stewart Perry

Stewart Perry

A Touch of Sugar Film Featuring Shenekqual Robertson-Carter

Shenekqual Robertson-Carter

A Touch of Sugar Film Featuring Niurka Rodriguez

Niurka Rodriguez

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A Touch of Sugar Film Scene: Man and Woman Reading A Touch of Sugar Film Scene: Man Visiting Capitol Hill A Touch of Sugar Film Scene: Man Celebrating Birthday A Touch of Sugar Film Scene: Women Talking and Cooking


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If you or a loved one are affected by type 2 diabetes, share your story here – from inspirational successes to honest struggles. Every voice counts, and you never know how your experience may help others impacted by the disease.

Living with type 2 diabetes isn’t easy, but by working with your doctor, it can be managed with the proper education, a treatment plan and support from both loved ones and medical professionals. Click here for some tips to help get you started.

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